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At Frisco Engineering Ltd, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to delivering innovative solutions for water and energy needs.

Borehole Drilling-Wamunyu

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Our team of experts at FRISCO Engineering have commenced a borehole drilling project in Wamunyu, Machakos County! Clean water is a fundamental human right, and we are dedicated to making it a reality for all. This project is part of our commitment to changing lives with water. As we continue to undertake projects like this, we remain dedicated to our mission of engineering solutions that uplift communities, create lasting change, and leave a legacy of positive transformation. Together, we can build a better world, one project at a time.

Borehole Project - Mbooni

We’re here for water solutions, for the greater good! At Mbooni, we completed a borehole drilling project with test pumping, during which the local community gathered to share in the ample water resource.
We pride ourselves in offering comprehensive borehole drilling services, right from A to Z. We offer the full scope of borehole drilling works as follows:
• Hydrogeological survey
• Borehole construction – drilling, casing, gravel packing, development
• Test pumping
• Water analysis

Borehole Camera Inspection - Karen

We recently carried out a borehole camera inspection in Karen, which revealed the borehole’s status and informed of the best course of action.
How is borehole camera inspection done? We gradually lower an under-water camera through the borehole, while recording a high-resolution video of the borehole.
What does the video reveal?

Borehole Maintenance - Ongata Rongai

Lotus Apartments 1
FRISCO Engineering was recently called to Rongai to investigate a borehole problem. Our team of seasoned experts arrived on site and quickly worked out the situation. We began with a borehole camera inspection, which revealed the presence of dislodged pipes and sockets in the borehole.
Thereon, we embarked on a borehole fishing expedition to recover the dislodged items, and managed to retrieve all dislodged pipes, leaving the borehole ready for pump re-installation.

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