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Borehole Drilling

FRISCO Engineering is a trusted provider of high-quality borehole drilling services for domestic and commercial purposes. We offer a range of drilling techniques to cater to different geological conditions and customer requirements. Our team uses the latest technology and techniques to ensure precise and efficient drilling, while upholding safety and environmental standards. FRISCO Engineering’s borehole drilling services enable clients to access reliable and sustainable sources of water, supporting the growth and development of various sectors such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing, among others.

Borehole Camera Inspection

Borehole camera inspection provides visual evidence of the condition of a borehole. An underwater camera is gradually lowered through a borehole, while recording a video of the borehole. This video file can then be examined to determine the condition of the borehole including: The drilled depth, depth of casings installation, water clarity,
dislodged pipes,etc.

A borehole pump lowering exercise at Namanga
Borehole Pump Lifting /Lowering

Borehole pump lifting involves the removal of pumping system from a borehole, including the pump, pipes and cable(s). Borehole pump lowering involves the installation of a pumping system into a
FRISCO Engineering has capable borehole service units and experienced crew for all borehole pump lifting and lowering

Borehole Flushing

Borehole flushing is a vital maintenance process that involves the removal of accumulated sediment, debris, and impurities from the borehole. Over time, these contaminants can compromise the efficiency and productivity of the borehole,
leading to reduced water flow and potential equipment damage.
Our dedicated team of experts understands the importance of
maintaining clean and functional boreholes for various applications, ranging from residential properties to commercial
and industrial sites.

Water Pumps

FRISCO Engineering offers the widest selection of water pumps
in all sizes and for every application. The extensive portfolio ofover 500 models available includes the market leading brands that range from Dayliff, Pedrollo, Grundfos, Silver as well as a variety of specialist pumps for industrial, commercial and agricultural applications that range from:

  • Borehole pumps
  • Booster pumps
  • Engine Pumps
  • Drainage Pumps
Solar Equipment

We offer a comprehensive range of renewable energy equipment
for domestic, industrial and commercial applications. The
products are sourced from leading international manufaturers including Dayliff, Huawei, Canadian Solar, Opti, among others. They include: PV modules ,Hot water heaters, Lightning accessories, Batteries, Inverters, Controllers, PV disconnect, Street lights, Flood lights,  AC and DC pumping systems.

water treatment
Water Treatment Services

FRISCO Engineering is a leading and reliable water treatment solution provider. We offer a wide range of equipment, chemicals
and media for the treatment of salinity, hardness, odour, turbidity, bacteria among others. Having the best selling range of these domestic and commercial products all supported by our trained

• Catridges
• Filters
• Ultra violet disinfection units
• Reverse Osmosis systems
• Softeners


FRISCO Engineering specializes in providing
comprehensive irrigation services for agriculture, landscaping,
and commercial properties. We offer:
• Customized irrigation system design,
• Professional installation,
• Water-saving solutions,
• Routine maintenance,
• System upgrades,
• Expert consultation,
• Training and support

Swimming Pool- Tawa
Swimming Pools

Based on many years of experience our technicians are able to
create beautiful pools, from design to excavation to circulation
and waterproofing. To ensure perfect pool maintenance we offer
high quality:
• Fibreglass
• Lights
• Fittings
• Chemicals


FRISCO Engineering is a leading provider of high quality
generators, catering to a wide range of industries and
applications. We offer a comprehensive selection of generators,
designed to deliver consistent and uninterrupted power supply
in any situation.
Our team of skilled professionals work closely with our clients to
understand their specific requirements and provide tailored
solutions that best suit their needs. Whether it’s a standby
generator for emergencies or a prime power generator for
continuous operation, we have the expertise to deliver.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

Leading in Innovative Water & Energy Solutions

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